Artspan Travelogue part 3: French-inspired art.

Plage La Baule by Robert P. Hawkins
Plage La Baule
Robert P. Hawkins
Transparency by Pierre Brule' Fine Art Photography
Pierre Brule' Fine Art Photography
Man walking in the air by Pierre Brule' Fine Art Photography
Man walking in the air
Pierre Brule' Fine Art Photography
The French Woman by Anett Kilén Kennedy
The French Woman
Anett Kilén Kennedy
argenton rainy day by Howard Tweedie
argenton rainy day
Howard Tweedie
Burgundy Cliffs,France by Richard Arthur Klevins
Burgundy Cliffs,France
Richard Arthur Klevins
French Village by The Cannon Art Studio
French Village
The Cannon Art Studio
Paris Rooftop by Jan Keith Lipes
Paris Rooftop
Jan Keith Lipes
Pont des Arts, 2014 by         Scott Brill Photography
Pont des Arts, 2014
     Scott Brill Photography
Baudilaire after Nadar by P A U L    D I   Z E F A L O
Baudilaire after Nadar
Tuilieres by Meredith Mullins
Meredith Mullins
St Aubin2 by Howard Tweedie
St Aubin2
Howard Tweedie
French Landscape, Aude 1 by Carol Tippit Woolworth
French Landscape, Aude 1
Carol Tippit Woolworth
Room With a View by Elizabeth Breakell
Room With a View
Elizabeth Breakell
Paris Latin Quarter by Donna Brumbergs Fine Artist
Paris Latin Quarter
Donna Brumbergs Fine Artist
Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas<br>27 rue de Fleurus, Paris by Sally Stockhold
Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas
27 rue de Fleurus, Paris
Sally Stockhold
La Voyeuse by         Scott Brill Photography
La Voyeuse
     Scott Brill Photography
l’église, Lafrançaise by
l’église, Lafrançaise
Amboise by Linnea W. Rhodes
Linnea W. Rhodes
notre dame 3 by Ross Skoggard
notre dame 3
Ross Skoggard
Eifel at Night by Roderick Lyons
Eifel at Night
Roderick Lyons
Le Parapluie by Meredith Mullins
Le Parapluie
Meredith Mullins
Pasture at Mamoir-de-Moellein by Marguerite Moreau Mccarthy
Pasture at Mamoir-de-Moellein
Marguerite Moreau Mccarthy
A Stroll through Paris by Laura Cronin
A Stroll through Paris
Laura Cronin
Paris Metro#14 by Shinya Ichikawa
Paris Metro#14
Shinya Ichikawa
Paris Metro#11 by Shinya Ichikawa
Paris Metro#11
Shinya Ichikawa
Light on the Street by Eric Palson
Light on the Street
Eric Palson
On Sacred Ground by Marguerite Moreau Mccarthy
On Sacred Ground
Marguerite Moreau Mccarthy
Creperie by Glenn Moreton -- Contemporary Realism
Glenn Moreton -- Contemporary Realism
Sarlat-la-Caneda, France by Diana Saffo Bono
Sarlat-la-Caneda, France
Diana Saffo Bono